Customers from select countries may be eligible for discounts on certain products. To activate the select country discount, you must have a payment method from an eligible country already saved in your Ultiworld account before starting checkout.

If you need to add a payment method, you can do so from the Payment Settings section on the My Settings page.

Before saving a payment method:

After saving a payment method:

Once you have an eligible payment method saved, you will automatically have the discount applied after clicking "Buy now" on the product page. The checkout screen that appears will show an applied discount. If it doesn't, cancel the checkout process, then double check that you followed the instructions on this page and that you do qualify for the discount.

Here is an example screenshot of what the applied discount looked like for the 2023 Under-24 World Championships Event Pack: 


Common Questions:

I have a saved payment method, but the discount is not appearing when I start checkout?

Make sure your payment method is issued from the eligible country, not just that your current billing address is in the eligible country. For example, if you currently live in India, but your credit card was acquired from a US bank or you acquired the credit card while you previously lived in the US, our system may not be able to verify that you qualify for the discount.

If you happen to have another payment method that was definitely locally issued, try replacing the initial payment method with this one and see if that helps.

Why is my country not eligible for a discount?

Select Country Discounts is a pilot program we are exploring to help increase affordability of coverage for places with growing ultimate communities. If it goes well, there will be room to expand to include more countries in the future. If you have comments or questions about the program, please feel free to email

How can I tell if a product is eligible for a select country discount?

Products that offer a country-based discount will have a message on the product page near the "Buy now" button. For example, here is a screenshot from the 2023 Under-24 World Championships Event Pack: